Start small, think big

mier_prod-1 (2)With any new venture, there are bound to be days when you wonder if you are really going to be able to achieve what you have set out to do.  Is passion, vision, determination, endless support, enough to see me over the obstacles which I know are ahead?  I hope so.  I have another meeting on Friday with council members and others, and am excited about that – a little overwhelmed, if truth be told, at how much practical support I am getting from the council.  Wonderful.

I have amazing support from friends too – one who is the most incredible, faithful sounding board and encourager, another who is brilliant at drawing and is being commissioned to design a more focused and original logo than the pretty but rather unexciting tree I am currently using (see the little image at the start of some of my posts).  We all need people who believe in us and in our ability to see things through, and I don’t take any of these people for granted.

So – after Friday I hope to know a little more about when and where I can start something low-key – coffee afternoons, or some kind of booksale in a room in the centre of town on a regular basis – but more than a booksale, a chance to explain the project and start to build a profile and gather a few followers, as a stepping stone to something bigger and more permanent.

I say low-key, but this is a crucial step – start small, think big.

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